Photo of Syon Park
LocationSyon Park
Variety Nigra
Site classHeritage Notable
Total mulberries6
Largest height (m)8

Originally the Brigettine Abbey of Syon, established in 1415, with close links to Tudor dynasty. Passed to Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset after dissolution of the monasteries (1536-41) under Henry VIII. Has been in the Percy family since then. There are 3-4 ancient multi-stemmed mulberries in what was an orchard behind the house. Another ancient mulberry stands alone in an adjacent field, but was probably also part of the orchard, maybe the Abbey orchard. William Turner described the existence of mulberries in 1548, but.there is no proof these are the ones. They do look old enough, though - two are mound-planted and the central bole has almost disappeared, leaving a ring of trunks that will eventually appear like a grove, but is in fact a single tree.

Public transport: Syon Lane rail

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