Sweet with some sharpness, and a great source of Iron and Vitamin C, black mulberry trees provide an excellent fruit. Fresh mulberries are rarely found in shops, but their extensive planting during King James I's reign has left a bounty of fruit across London in the summer months, and you can also buy mulberry jam and syrup all year round.

The black mulberry (Morus nigra) is often considered much sweeter than the more acidic white mulberry (Morus alba). The nigra's origins in Persia, and spread across Asia and later to Europe, has resulted in its use in a wealth of cultural cuisines. Below are a few you can try. To get help finding fresh mulberries in the summer, visit the foraging page.

  • Mulberries are notorious for staining hands and clothes - so when handling fresh mulberries it's a good idea to wear an apron and a pair of marigolds.
  • Mulberries are delicate so handle them gently, and rinse in a bowl of cold water - don't run under a tap or they could be squashed by the pressure.
  • After rinsing, place in a container in the fridge and they should keep for 2-3 days.

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