Photo of Sayes Court Park
LocationSayes Court Park, Deptford
Variety Nigra
Site classHeritage Notable

The home of John Evelyn, he marked a mulberry with an ?x? on a plan he drew of his garden (now in the British Library). We know from records and maps that this is not the same tree, as it is in a part of Sayes Court that was acquired later, to the west of the garden he laid out. Recent DNA analysisby Oxford plant scientist, Barrie Juniper, suggests that it may be ?several generations? later, possibly planted by his descendant, William Evelyn and be a hybrid of white and black mulberries. Nonetheless, the tree appears to be about the same age as one in nearby Charlton House, that was planted in the time of James I. Dr Karen Liljenberg has researched the history of the tree and garden in some detail. Her research suggets that Evelyn had white mulberries, too.

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