Photo of Charterhouse
LocationPreacher's Court, Charterhouse, London
Variety Nigra
Site classNotable 1840
Total mulberries5

A former Carthusian monastery, established 1371. Now an almshouse. 5 mulberries. 3 in the Lodge Court, by the front wall overlooking Charterhouse Square. Two in Preachers Court. The mulberries were apparently cuttings from Milton's mulberry in Cambridge, planted around 1840 (Webster). According to Head Gardner Claire Davies, one was uprooted by a bomb in the Second World War but replanted by the Brothers. Every July Charterhouse gives a basket of the first mulberies to the encumbent Lord Mayor. It's quie likely that there were mulberry trees here earlier, perhaps in Tudor times. There is a lovely painting of one of the Preachers Court mulberries inside the building.

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