Photo of Groton Winthrop Mulberry
LocationGroton, Suffolk
Variety Nigra
OS grid referenceTL 95943 42012
Site classAncient Black Mulberry (1550)

The Groton Winthrop black mulberry is one of the oldest in Britain, thought to have been planted in about 1550 by Adam Winthrop, grandfather of John Winthrop who was the leader of Puritans who were the first to establish a colony in America. He went on to become the first governor of Massachussetts in the 1630s. The Winthrop family maintain contacts with the village and its historic tree. The tree is in a field known as The croft. It is recumbent and layering. It is protected by a wooden fence. Local people have old photos of the tree before it collapsed completely. There is another ancient black mulberry in a nearby village.

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