Photo of Ladywell House, Lewisham
LocationLadywell House garden, 330 Lewisham High Street
Variety Nigra
OS grid referenceTQ 38000 74969
Site classVeteran 300 + Years?
Largest height (m)6
Largest girth (cm)251

Large mulberry, producing fruit, in the garden of Ladywell House. The House was formerly a Vicarage, rebuilt in 1692 on the site of an older Vicarage. There is a stone arch and part of a stone wall which may have belonged to the old building. The mulberry, given its size and prominent position in the lawn, quite probably dates from this time. The Vicarage was extended in the late 1800s and is another possible date for the planting, but the tree looks older and could be late 17th century. NOTE 13 MARCH 2023: Ladywell House and grounds was purchased by a developer in 2022. Extensive clearance has been carried out in the former garden and fences erected. An arboricultural report on the mulberry identifies stem decay (note that this is one of the identifying characteristics of a veteran tree) and describes its condition as 'fair'. Nevertheless he recommends it should be felled to ground level. This tree has a Tree preservation Order which requires exceptional efforts of care to keep it alive and healthy. The tree has a diameter of 800 mm (girth of 251 cm), which is wholly consistent with an early 18th century tree Historical records for the house and garden, show a change of ownership at the end of the 17th c and evidence for an orchard. The mulberry is therefore likely to be 300+ years old, subject to detailed inspection if one can get access.

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