31st May 2020


The third annual Urban Tree Festival finished a week ago and in just about every respect was a great success, even though everything was online. We even had visitors from Canada, Ukraine and Denmark...

When the Covid 19 lockdown came into force we thought we might have to abandon the whole programme this year, or postpone it to the autumn. But after some intense discussions in the Committee and with our institutional partners, we decided to make everything virtual, using Zoom.

Much credit to the Steering Group  and to the small team of young volunteers from Napier University and Goldsmiths who did such a good job with our social media presence.

Hogarth's House (and London Borough of Hounslow) chose to continue to support us in going online, so I was able to lead a walk around Chiswick's old mulberry trees, beginning and ending at Hogarth's House, with its 17th century mulberry. Using Google Earth and Street View, mixed in with some maps and photos, we were able to take in more trees than we could have on a 1-hour walk and also see some that are in private gardens.

The tour was recorded and posted on YouTube, so anyone who could not join us on the day can follow the walk here:

Mulberry amateurs might also like a webinar I was part of with Jo Homan of the Orchard Project, artist/photographer Derek Man and Neil Sinden of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (London).

That's here:



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Hogarth's House and other Chiswick Mulberries - Urban Tree Festival

In this virtual tour, Peter Coles – author of Mulberry (Reaktion Books, 2019) and co-founder of the Morus Londinium project to document London’s mulberry her...


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